3ds Max and V-ray Exterior workshop

3ds Max and V-ray Exterior workshop
3ds Max and V-ray

This course will be your guide for any of your Exterior projects.

What you’ll learn about 3ds Max and V-ray

  • Building up a complete Architectural project with landscaping
  • Setting up the best V-ray render parameters
  • How to use and apply different type of light
  • Applying textures professionally
  • How to manage and merge 3D models to the scene

Course content of 3ds Max and V-ray workshop

8 sections • 18 lectures • 1h 49m total length

  • Get to know the project
  • Introduction
  • Get to know the project
  • Exporting 2D plan into 3Ds MA
  • Preparing AutoCAD plan
  • Extrude modifier explanation
  • Modelling the project
  • Render setup
  • Setting up V-ray Render parameters
  • Lightning introduction
  • Dome Light + HDR
  • V-ray Plan Light
  • V-ray IES light
  • Applying Materials
  • walls paint texture
  • Creating Window and marble Materials
  • Creating the pool material
  • Creating the front yard materials
  • Merging 3D models

Requirements for 3ds Max and V-ray

  • Autodesk 3Ds Max, V-ray Render, AutoCAD.
  • This course for intermediate level trainers so you need to know the basics of 3Ds Max and V-ray Render.


Many Architecture students and 3D designers who have started working on 3Ds Max can’t create a realistic scene when it comes to working on a complete Architectural project since they still can’t set the right materials, lighting and render parameters in the right way. If you have one of these problems, this course is ideal for you. This course was designed and prepared carefully to be your guide for your future projects.

We will work together on one of my real projects using 3ds Max and V-ray render. You will learn the efficient tips I used and the steps to follow which will significantly reduce project work time. I will also explain every tool that we need to convert 2D plans into a realistic 3D model. We will learn how to set lights, materials and v-ray parameters to get a high-quality render. I compacted the course’s video times to deliver information in less than 2 hours. This course will keep updated and developed frequently to make sure it covers all of your needs.

Besides all of that you will find a gift in the resources: I have included many high-quality textures and 3D models ready to be used in your projects.

Who this course is for:

  • Architecture students
  • Junior Architects
  • 3D designers

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