Free 3ds Max & Vray Advanced Arch Viz Interiors

3ds Max & Vray Advanced Arch Viz Interiors

  • English | 5+ hrs. | Video: 720p | Video training | 1.50 GB
  • Using programs Autodesk 3ds max – Photoshop – AutoCAD
  • Use 3ds Max, Vray and Marvelous Designer tools to create advanced models, textures, lighting and an overall rendering.
3ds Max & Vray Advanced Arch Viz Interiors
Vray Advanced Arch Viz Interiors

? What you will learn

Learn how to model, shade, render and composite an interior scene completely from scratch

  • In this tutorial we will know how to start using 3ds Max & V-ray Advanced Arch Viz Interior Projects by modeling our building in Autodesk 3ds max using our AutoCAD imported plan.
  • We will talk about many aspects of modeling in Autodesk 3ds max such as adding walls, windows, doors, creating stairs, copying. Although this part is done completely in Autodesk 3ds max but most of the procedure is the same in Autodesk Revit. We will add some other elements in 3Ds max after importing our model
  • We will use Autodesk 3Ds max to model most of our furniture including the bases for Marvelous Designer. A combination of spline modeling as well as high poly modeling and surfacing will be used.
  • We will know in this course 3ds Max & Vray Advanced Arch Viz Interiors then continue to add some shaders to our objects in 3Ds max and V-ray. A combination of V-ray material, V-ray Blend material, V-ray 2-sided material, V-ray displacement and some other materials will be used. For the lighting process we will learn techniques on when and how to use different V-ray lights and ways to optimize those lights to get a reasonable render time.
  • In the rendering stage we will try to use some of the new features of V-ray 3.0 to speed up rendering and also simpler ways to get rid of artifacts. A whole bunch of render elements will be exported out including light select element, Multi Matte, reflection, refraction, GI, lighting, shadow and a few more to be used in Photoshop.
  • The last part of this tutorial will be compositing in Photoshop. We’ll use every single render element that we exported out from V-ray to come up with the final image that you can see. 

? What am I going to get from this course

A more detailed in 3ds Max & V-ray Advanced Arch Viz Interior Projects

In Modeling:

  • Customizing the UI using scripts.
  • Using Marvelous Designer to model every piece of resting furniture; all the couches, sofas, pillows, chair.
  • Spline modeling in conjunction with some modifiers, including; tables, the floor lamp, vases, wall clock.
  • Using V-ray fur for the floor carpet.
  • Using a Tree free script to create flowers and plants.
  • Using V-ray displacement to create cutouts.
  • Optimizing V-ray displacement to areas that are seen through the camera for memory optimization.
  • Using Autodesk 3ds max to model the building and refining in 3Ds Max.
  • Using some free scripts to place books on the bookshelf randomly.
  • Using Animation tools to scatter objects on our models.
  • Using graphite modeling tool-set

In Shading:

  • Using V-ray blend to create complex materials.
  • Using quick scripts to interactively see the results of complex textures without the need of full rendering.
  • Using V-ray 2 sided to create translucency for objects.
  • Creating worn out edges with the use of V-ray displacement and V-ray Dirt.
  • Optimizing all scene materials to have the best quality n the least rendering time.
  • Most of the materials in the scene are made of complicated shading networks

In Rendering:

  • Using V-ray 3.0’s new features that will help in rendering this scene faster and modifiable.
  • Make use of all different V-ray lights and how to optimize those and a general lighting solution which will work in many interior scenes.
  • Rendering many different render passes including masks for all materials, separating lights, reflection, refraction.

In compositing:

  • Layering all our different passes together to achieve a result we want.
  • Changing the individual lights effect in our scene without the need to re-rendering.
  • Color correcting many of our elements with ease using the masks that we rendered out.
  • Adding extra texture to some objects and learn how to blend them nicely with the scene.

? What are the requirements

  • You should have a working knowledge of 3ds Max & V-ray Advanced Arch Viz Interiors 3ds Max basic tools and UI
    Basic Understanding of V-ray is helpful but not completely necessary
    Basic knowledge of 3d graphics principles like modeling, lighting, textures, rendering, etc. This is not an entry level 3d course
Vray Advanced Arch Viz Interiors


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3ds Max & V-ray Advanced Arch Viz Interiors

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